Saturday, November 16, 2013

Payback time

So here we are. The official travel agency business is gone. But the site is still up. Why you may ask?
Well I decided not to waste my knowledge and experience about doing safaris in Kenya. So I'm now transforming this site to a portal, an information and resource center about DIY-safaris.
In the coming weeks my plan is to add "reviews" about the parks that I have visited in Kenya and also share tips/faq about these trips. I know this won't make me any money, but I have a feeling that I somehow owe it. I've got so much from my adventures in Kenya that it feels like a crime not to give something back.
Today I also finally got my edit finished from the footage I shot in February. So here we go!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pulling the plug...

I hate to admit it, but sometimes you have to turn off the life-support on projects that take more than they give. This has become one of them. My dream was to build up a travel company that would bring some money as a side job. Well my dream came true, but it took more than I thought. Last 2 years weren't in vain though, I learned a ton of stuff and got to do things that I love the most. So no regrets :)
Now the trips for 2013 are cancelled due a lack of clients. I'm also canceling my licence as a travel operator in Finland. But this site stays on for now. I'm trying to find ways to make BWPA fit in my life as an asset, not a burden. Maybe this could become a portal for all African wildlife/safari enthusiasts!!?!?
So if you have questions about traveling/photographing in Kenya, send me an email. I'd be happy to help :)
Dead end? No, there's always a way up ;-)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now is the time!

It's not that simple to run a travel agency by your own. There are paperwork, licence fees and advertising. And of course the actual organizing/leading a trip. I started this business 'cos I thought that there must be many enthusiastic photographers out there wanting to capture and experience the African wildlife like me. I love to see people get excited 'cos I know how it feels like. BigWildPhoto Adventures was born from the need to share experiences.
But now 1,5 years later I'm starting to see that even though there's a lot of interest about my trips, the real customers are missing. There's not enough to make this profitable. The common reasons are too many fears or the lack of money/time. I know these things 'cos I've lived under those circumstances. The first three trips that I made mostly by myself I funded with my credit card. I didn't really have the money. And especially the first trip I was shit scared :) After I started running my own studio I had to close it for the trips and clear my schedule, so I really even had the time to go. But every time the urge to see, feel and capture something new and exciting was bigger than the excuses not to do it.
Me and the midnight sun in Lappland 2010
There isn't really another moment to act but now. Future is not set and past is not coming back. This summer might be last time I arrange these trips. So if you want to go to a safari in Kenya with a guide that is truly passionate about what he does send me a message. We are only few people short to make the 1st trip(starting July 22nd) to come true.
Next week I'll be traveling to Norway-Lapland filming some commercial work, landscapes and maybe whales and also trying some gold digging :) but you should reach me via email. See ya!